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This website was created by an eclectic group of graduate students at the Estuary and Ocean Science Center (EOS) at San Francisco State University interested in increasing science communication. Here at EOS, we study interdisciplinary marine and estuarine sciences, meaning, we all have passion towards fostering the growth of science between disciplines, universities and the public. We regularly publish scientific profiles, current events and op eds and occasionally a few odds and ends. Subscribe to our mailing list to get our latest articles and updates of science around the San Francisco Estuary! 



Daniel Yim 


Daniel typically stays up too late and reads too much for his own good. He is fascinated with marine invertebrates and their behavior. At any given time, there’s a high chance that he’s splattered with mud or huddled away in his office writing, sometimes both. He is eager to weave together narrative and science to create science communication that inspires, innovates, and includes all communities.



Allison Adams  


When Allison was an adolescent, her sister often said, “Allison lives in her own little world.” Even today, Allison has not stopped being a dreamer, and expects a peaceful, plastic-free world in her lifetime. When not dreaming, she spends time viewing the world of copepods in a petri dish of bay water, pursuing a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Marine and Estuarine Science, and coming to terms with being the voice of authority to her teenaged son.


Catie Thow  


In between undergrad and graduate school, Catie spent eight months living out of her backpack wandering around the world, contemplating the Earth before the Anthropocene and what she can do to improve our climate. In an effort to understand this, Catie now spends her time earning her master’s degree while pondering phytoplankton productivity in various sloughs in the San Francisco Estuary. Her days are often spent bushwhacking through dense estuarine vegetation while trying not to sink knee deep into mud in search of the best sampling location.  Catie now dreams of using this expertise to help understand ecologically important areas throughout the world.



Statement of Inclusivity  


As scientists and citizens of the world, the editors and contributors of The Undercurrent at EOS recognize that all individuals have the right to be respected and valued, regardless of race, ethnicity, language, culture, nationality, sex, sexual identity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, ability, socioeconomic status,  and religious beliefs. We recognize that the pursuit of scientific knowledge is not limited to an elite or narrow community, rather it is strengthened and benefited by the contributions of diverse peoples. This blog actively rejects any form of discrimination based on the above identities, and firmly supports the inclusion of diverse perspectives, experiences, and viewpoints in its publications and all scientific endeavors.


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